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Domestic hardwood flooring comprises many of the types of wood one often sees and associates with the United States and North America. Woods such as Maple, Ash, White and Red Oak, and Hickory are just a few of the iconic species that make up the domestic species.

Domestic woods tend to share a few common characteristics. For one, their coloring tends more towards the lighter browns, yellows, and oranges of the wood color spectrum. They also tend to be somewhat softer than equatorial and tropical hardwoods from regions such as South America and Africa.

Red Oak Flooring

Red Oak flooring, one of the most famous of the American domestics, is used as a barometer and middle ground for measuring hardness, with a Janka hardness rating of 1,290 lbs.

White Oak, Cherry Flooring

White Oak weighs in at just a bit over that at 1,360 lbs. On the higher end, Hickory comes in at 1,820lbs, while a softer wood like American Cherry rates at 950 lbs.

Traditional Classic Flooring

Often associated with distinction and tradition, the clean, consistent feel of woods such as White Oak and Maple have long been used in stately manors and distinguished public buildings since the formation of the United States. The reason for these woods great popularity is partially due to the fact that lighter colored hardwoods create an expansive feel by reflecting light. This makes any room or space appear larger, cleaner, and more vibrant. With their natural beauty and historical significance, it is no wonder that these woods are so close to the hearts of many Americans.

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