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Port Orford is a truly unique cedar species. Like all cedars, it is a member of the cypress family. It is a particularly hard and strong cedar, with the same natural durability as other types of cedar when it comes to weather, rot and insects.

Port Orford Cedar has earned a reputation for strength and decay-resistance. Historically, as the strongest of all the cedar products it has been the preferred wood for Japanese architecture. Strength, durability and natural decay-resistance make Port Orford Cedar the ideal wood for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Port Orford Cedar is a light colored wood, allowing it to stain uniformly. The color can also be described as a creamy white hue, and it ages to a stately silvery gray. It´s fine texture, straight grain, and pleasant, sweet-spicy scent, makes it an excellent choice for exterior projects. It works well in every respect with power or hand-tools, polishes and takes paint, stain and all finishes extremely well.

Port Orford Cedar Deck Boards

Our kild dried Sound Tight Knot grade of decking made from Port Orford Cedar is not only strong, it´s safe for children. Its texture remains smooth with no raised grain or splintering, and it´s durability makes it ideal for use in high-traffic outdoor sites.

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